DGTR Let’s Talk-Ladies Night
On this episode we have a open discussion about the state of Women’s disc golf with some of the top Women player’s in the world. Sarah Hokom, Elaine King, Paige Pierce, Liz Lopez Dorries, Courtney McCoy, Kara Lee, Sara Nicholson and several others chime in on what they think needs to happen to get Women’s disc golf to the next level. We also have Chuck Kennedy step in to help with the interview.

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  1. […] Let’s Talk-Ladies Night DGTR Let’s Talk-Ladies Night DGTR Let’s Talk-Ladies Night-Podcast On this episode we have a open discussion about the state of Women’s disc golf with some of […]

  2. Really enjoyed this. Personally I feel that it needs to be built from the ground up – so the initiatives to get more girls in on the ground level is way more important than how to increase attractiveness for the top level players. That will come if the grass roots are big enough. But I do recognise that there need to be something to aspire to for younger girl players, so the top level of couse cannot be ignored. Complicated subject really. But very interesting. :)

  3. Not sure how to participate in the discussion officially… but I did want to chime in on so many things from the long time beginner perspective, lol. I listened to the podcast last night, and what stuck most with me are two concepts: First off, although there’s room for improvement, I think we should have a little more faith in our ratings system. I don’t have a lot of similar skilled competition in my area, so when I signed up to play Disc Girls Gone Wild, I really wanted to play in the Rec division so as not to embarrass myself. My PDGA rating, (though not current) dictated I should be playing intermediate. I was pleasantly surprised to find that when I hit the course with 16 other women of similar ratings, I played really similar to their abilities, and I had a blast! I was in Michigan for my father’s cancer treatments, and I was under a lot of stress, and still my best and worst round rating on a new course, blind, played right into the ratings system. Locally, I’ll play wherever it seems the most fun, but at a larger tourney, I think it’s good to trust the system. I see no need to rush to pro, nor any reason to hold back… I hope to get good enough to have this debate with myself, and when I do, I’m going to trust my rating. Second, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to team vs. individual sports. I’m learning through my own league that even if we compete as individuals at tournaments, arriving as a league or a “team” can go a long ways towards giving our newer members confidence. I think the podcast stressed recreational rounds and tournament transition, but I think there’s a lot of ground to be covered by our local leagues. I did hear a mention of the PDGA sanctioned leagues, and sanctioned or not, I think an entire league of golfers encouragment, (men, women or mixed in my experience) will give a fist time tourney player a HUGE confidence and mental game advantage. I think in between tournaments we should spend a good deal of time trying to get the word out about our local leagues. I think that’s where most of our golfers in our area end up getting their start. Finally, this was a great podcast. Thanks so much ladies!

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