Interview with Pro Disc Golfer Brian Schweberger
On this episode with talk with Pro Disc Golfer Brian Schweberger. The Disc Golf Guyand I talk with Brian about his start in disc golf, what he is carrying in his bag plus some great tips on thumbers and rollers. We also get into what Brian feels needs to happen to get Disc Golf to the next level.

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2 Responses to Interview with Brian Schweberger

  1. little timmy says:

    Schwebby admits losing once to the infamous JBBspeed (Jerry Baker). (Once). I would restore to his memory the classic 3 course (Hornets Nest, Reedy Creek Killbourne) doubles match where the Queen City Eradicators (me and John G) took down the mighty Johnston County Chaindrivers (Brian and Jerry). It may have only happened (once), and he may have only just started, But it happened. This was a great interview with my favorite representative of the sport. Keep on thumbing, Brian.

  2. JBBSPEED says:

    Brian forgets a round at Winthrop Gold Course when I shot 61. Tim you forgot to say that Brian and I never lost in doubles again after that one loss. JCCDA est 1997

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